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Bed Bug & Flea Smoke Bombs - Smoke Fog Generators x 10

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Forte Fog P Mini Bed Bug and Flea Smoke Bombs are smoke / fog generators that fill the air with a "fog" to seek out bed bugs, fleas and other insects in their harbourage and hiding places, killing, stopping and getting rid of these biting insect pests.

The Fortefog P Mini Bed Bug and Flea Smoke Bombs are for use in rooms with windows closed and then the room is vacated, closing the door for at least 2 hours, preferably 4 to 6 hours.

Use 1 x smoke fogger for every 7.5 cubic metres (room width x length x height): example 1 x fumer per small single bedroom.

We advise you to leave wardrobe doors and drawers to chests open to allow maximum effect of the fumigation treatment.

When the smoke / fog clears, no residue or odour is left behind.

Effective all round fumigation treatment for Bed Bug Pest Control and Flea Pest Control.

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Price: 32.92 (39.50 inc. VAT)

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