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Insectaclear D - Digrain Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 Litre

9.99  (11.99 inc. VAT) quantity:  
(contains d-phenothrin 0.04%w/w)

Insectaclear D - Digrain 1Ltr. Bed Bug Killer Spray is an effective Bed Bug insecticide for killing, stopping and getting rid of Bed Bugs. Only D formula is strong enough to get rid of these biting insect pests.

Insectaclear D - Digrain Bed Bug Killer Spray should be "fine mist" sprayed on all soft furnishings and carpets in the affected room. You should pay particular attention to the areas where you have seen bedbugs.

This insecticide gives a knock down, instant kill of bed bugs and it also leaves a residual layer which continues to work to kill, stop and get rid of any insect that may still be alive and crawl over the treated area.

This product is ideal take away with you to spray mattresses of beds in B & B's, guest houses and hotels etc., to make sure that you do not suffer from problems with bed bugs and bites from these pests.

For a full Bed Bug Control Treatment we advise that you use a combination of products. You should use Insectaclear D - Digrain Bed Bug Killing Spray together with a Bed Bug Killer Powder and a Bed Bug Smoke Bomb Fogging Fumigator examples are below:

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