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Insectaclear D Flea Killer Liquid Insecticide 5 ltr

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Insectaclear D Flea Killer Liquid Insecticide in a 5 ltr container to use to spray against cat fleas and dog fleas.

Insectaclear D Fleas Killer contains d-phenothrin 0.04%, which is a more powerful formula than the standard 'C" strength insecticide.

Insectaclear D Flea Killing Liquid Insecticide has a dual action. It is a quick knock down and kill flea killer as well as having residual properties as it carries on working for up to 4 weeks after the initial spray treatment, killing any flea or insect that lands or crawls over it.

Use this product to treat carpets and soft furnishings in the home or business to kill, stop and get rid of cat fleas and dog fleas that may be living in these areas prior to jumping on and feeding of your cat, dog or yourself!

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You may wish apply this product in either our 1.5ltr Hand Held Sprayer or our 5 ltr Pressure Pump Sprayer for an easy application of this insecticidal liquid. You can buy either of these sprayers below: