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Bedbug Eradication & Control Treatment Pack No. 3

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The Bedbug Eradication and Control Treatment Pack No. 3 consists of our best and most effective Bed Bugs Pest Control Products to eliminate these blood sucking insect pests found in 5 double bedrooms.

The pack contains:

1 x Insectaclear D Digrain 5 Litre Bed Bug Killer Insectcide. Only D Formula bug killing insecticide will kill bed bugs.

1 x Trigger Hose for easy application of the Insectaclear D Digrain 5 Ltr. Bed Bug Killer Insecticide

1 x Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killing Powder (400g).

10 x Fortefog Mini P Bed Bugs Smoke Bomb Fumigation Fumers.

1 x P2 Face Mask.

1 x Pair of Gloves.

1 x Bed Bug Advice Sheet giving details on how to use the products to kill, stop and get rid of bedbugs.

We would suggest that all bedding is removed and washed before starting the Bedbug Eradication and Control Treatment.

We also advise that you hoover the mattress and vacuum all around and then empty the vacuum prior to starting the process.

When applying the Insectaclear Bed Bug Killer Insecticide you must pay attention to all nooks and crannies where these insect pests like to live and breed, such as the joints of furniture and wall / floor junctions. A treatment of the mattress is also essential on both sides paying attention to any piping or buttons where bed bugs may be hiding. Insectaclear D Digrain Bed Bug Killer Insecticide will leave a residual layer that is harmless to humans and pets BUT will continue to kill any bedbug or insect pest that crawls over the treated area.

Apply the Bed Bug Killer Powder around the edges of the room as well as onto the mattress.

We would advise that before you fumigate the room with the Fortefog P Mini Bed Bug Smoke Fumers, which are fumigation smoke bombs, that you leave the doors of wardrobes and the drawers of chest of drawers, open - then the bed bugs fumigation treatment can infiltrate all areas. The fumigator smokes will not only eliminate these biting insects but they will also get rid of other insects and bugs that may be hiding in your house.

Thorough application of all the Bed Bug Pest Control Products will allow an effective treatment for killing and getting rid of these biting insect pests.

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Price: 73 (87.60 inc. VAT)

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