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Commercial Bed Bug & Flea Kill & Control Pack

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Commercial Bed Bug and Flea Kill and Control Pack contains our best and most effective bed bug and flea pest control products to kill and get rid of an infestation in 5 double bedrooms or 5 large rooms.

The pack consists of:

5 Litres x D strength Digrain Insecticide Bed Bug and Flea Killer Liquid. Only a D strength insecticide is strong enough to kill and control bed bugs and fleas - spray this on mattresses, headboards, carpets, chairs and furniture in the affected room

1 x 500g Organic Bed Bugs and Fleas Killing Powder to sprinkle around where the carpet meets the wall which is a harbourage place for bed bugs and fleas

8 x Fortefog Mini P Bed Bugs Smoke Fumers to give a fumigation treatment to the room that is affected. Please leave wardrobe doors and chest of drawer drawers open to make sure the smoke fog infiltrates every nook and cranny as well as any any other bed bug or flea harbourage area

1 x P2 Face Mask

1 x Pair of Gloves

1 x Advice Sheet on how and where to use the products to make sure you get rid of bed bugs or fleas.

We would suggest that all bedding is removed and washed prior to commencing the treatment.

We also advise that you vacuum the mattress and vacuum all around and then empty the vacuum prior to starting the process.

Thorough application of all the Bed Bug and Flea Pest Control Products contained in this pack will allow an effective treatment to eliminate these biting insect pests.

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