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Diatomaceous Earth Flea Killer Powder 450g

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Diatomaceous Earth Flea Killer Powder 450g is a natural high quality organic dust which is most effective in the treatment of fleas to kill, stop and get rid these biting insect pests.

Diatomaceous Earth is the finely crushed remains of diatom sea fossils making it a natural method of eliminating fleas and other insects. It has an abrasive quality which penetrates the insects body dehydrating them from within.

This product is of use on soft furnishings, on pets bedding and it should be sprinkled around carpet edges where fleas like to live and breed.

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Fleas can be difficult to eradicate. We would always advise the use of a killer spray and some smoke bomb fumigators to make sure you give a professional style fleas pest control treatment, please see below for some of our other products

Price: 6.66 (7.99 inc. VAT)

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