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Forte Fog P Midi Fumer - Bed Bug & Flea Smoke Bomb Foggers x 20

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Forte Fog P Midi Fumer - Bed Bug and Flea Smoke Bomb Foggers [ 11g and extra strong ] x 20 to fumigate rooms with a bed bug or flea infestation.

* 1 x Fortefog P Midi Fumer will treat up to 25 cubic metres / 882 cubic feet killing bed bugs, fleas and other insects

* Easy to use, just place the fogger on a heat resistant surface such as a strong plate or tile and light

* Vacate the room being treated, after you have closed all windows and re-enter after between 4 - 6 hours

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We would always advise that you use a bed bug or flea killing residual insecticide and a bed bug or flea killer powder together with these smoke foggers for a total bed bugs or fleas pest control treatment.

In the treatment of fleas, cats and dogs will need to be treated with a suitable pet flea killer which you can get from your Vet.