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Insecto Power Fogger x 2

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Insecto Power Fogger x 2 give a killer mist to fumigate areas with an infestation of bed bugs or fleas to eradicate a problem with these biting insects.

The fog from this product seeks out and kills bed bugs and fleas in all the cracks and crevices, nooks and crannies where these insects like to live and breed

* 1 x Can will treat 1 double room or 150 cubic metres which is approximately 5297 cubic feet

* Easy use, this type of fogger does not need to be lit

* Make sure all windows are closed, but leave wardrobe doors open and chest of drawers open to allow the mist to infiltrate everywhere

* Just depress the top button, leave the room and the contents of the container will be emitted in a few seconds

* Re enter the room approximately 2 hours later

* Contains Imiprothrin 0.110% and Cyphenothrin 0.330%

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We would always advise that you use a bed bug or flea killing residual insecticide and a bed bugs or flea killer powder together with this power fogger for a total bed bugs or fleas pest control treatment.

In the treatment of fleas, cats and dogs will need to be treated with a suitable pet flea killer which you can get from your Vet.