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Rentokil Insectrol Bed Bugs Killer Powder 150g

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Rentokil Insectrol Bed Bugs Killer Powder 150g for use in a treatment to kill and get rid of a bed bug infestation.

You need to puff Rentokil Insectrol Bed Bugs Killing Powder into cracks, crevices and where the wall meets the floor where bed bugs like to live and breed behind floor skirtings. You should also puff the dust under heavy, immovable furniture which is another place where these biting insects like to live and breed.

Rentokil Insectrol Bed Bugs Killer Powder is an effective insecticide product to use for killing, stopping and getting rid of bed bugs.

* Contains Bendiocarb

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Bed Bugs can be difficult to eradicate. We would always advise the use of a killer spray and some smoke bomb fumigators to make sure you give a professional style bed bugs pest control treatment, please see below for some of our other products: