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Watch Out for Bed Bugs If You Frequently Use Hotels

posted on 4 May 2012 | posted in Bed Bugs

We take it for granted that the hotel we visit will be hygienic and free of pests, but this sadly isn't always the case. If you frequently use hotels (maybe you're travelling on business every week), then look out for the symptoms that you've been the "victim" of bed bugs:-
  • look for symmetrical bite marks on your arms or legs - usually lined up in a row. This is the "breakfast, lunch and dinner" pattern of a bed bug slowly feasting on your blood as it marches in a direction.
  • check for any new marks on your skin when taking a shower the following morning
  • if you do find any new marks on your skin, if they are itchy, that's a tell-tale sign it's a bed bug bite

If you do think you've had a bed bug encounter, definitely let the hotel staff know. You'll likely save other people having the same problem if the hotel staff act on your complaint.

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