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Some Practical Solutions to Help Reduce Bed Bug Problems

posted on 14 March 2014 | posted in Bed Bugs

First off, if you have bed bugs - professional help is the best solution - getting someone in and treating the problem directly. However, there are some ways to help prepare for such an inspection :-
  • Carefully check in and around your bed with a flashlight. Small blood spatters are a telltale sign of bed bug activity.
  • Don't forget to check the bed frame, and any nooks and cracks around the bed area where bed bugs might hide.
  • Placing glue traps around the perimeter of the bed is a good way of checking whether bed bugs are in the area. If you find any in the traps, call a bed bug control expert right away.
  • Bed bug bites are usually along a straight line on the body, with a small indentation in the center of each bite. People's reaction to bites often varies, depending on the individual.
  • Don't panic or throw away your mattress. And don't start fogging or using insecticides haphazardly. Bed bugs are experts at hiding, and bed bug treatment must be very focused and specific.
  • Don't sleep on a couch or at a friend's house. If you do have bed bugs, this will only spread the problem around.
The above steps will help aid the bed bug treatment.

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