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Some Easy-to-do Tips to Help Control Your Pests

posted on 30 June 2014 in Pest Control Tips

Pests can be a real nuisance for homeowners. Pests can harm your property and can also transmit disease. You need to get rid of pests as soon as you notice their presence. The following advice will sh...more info >>>

How to Stop Pests Gorging On Your Household Food

posted on 22 April 2014 in Pest Control Tips

Most people would agree that the kitchen is the last place they want to encounter beetles, moths and worms. However, for some household pests, the kitchen provides all the main ingredients for an exte...more info >>>

On Eradicating Fleas from Your Home

posted on 30 March 2014 in Pest Control Tips

Fleas are a common cause of irritation and infestation in your home. These unwanted guests can be found in your home and in large quantities. Out of the total flea population found in your home, about...more info >>>