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Forte Fog P Mini Fumers - Bed Bug & Flea Smoke Bomb Foggers x 20

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Fortefog P Mini Fumers are Bed Bug and Flea Smoke Bomb Foggers [ 3.5g each ] that will give a full fumigation treatment to the room being treated against a bed bugs or fleas infestation.

Fumigation smoke bombs use a fog that infiltrates all nooks and crannies killing, stopping and getting rid of bed bugs and fleas as well as other pest insects.

1 x Fortefog P Mini Fumer is suitable to treat 1 small bedroom or room against and infestation of these biting insect pests. For larger rooms 2 or more smoke bombs should be used

1 x Fortefog P Mini Fumer will treat 7.5 cubic metres / 264 cubic feet ( height x wide x length of room )

Windows and doors of the room having the fumigation treatment should be closed. However doors of wardrobes, cupboards and drawers in units should be left open for maximum effect of the smoke.The fog will seek out all bed bugs, fleas and other insect pests to kill, stop and get rid of these blood sucking nuisance insects. The treatment area should be left for between 2 - 6 hours before re-entering.

Fortefog P Mini Fumers do not leave a smell and do not stain fabrics.

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We would always advise that you use a bed bug or flea killing residual insecticide and a bed bug or flea killer powder together with these smoke foggers for a total bed bugs or fleas pest control treatment.

In the treatment of fleas, cats and dogs will need to be treated with a suitable pet flea killer which you can get from your Vet.