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Insectaclear Strong D Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 Litre

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Insectaclear Strong D Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 Litre is an effective insecticide for killing, stopping and getting rid of bed bugs. Only D formula / professional formula is strong enough to get rid of these biting insect pests.

* Easy to use
, just fine mist spray onto mattresses, soft furnishings, carpets and furniture joints in the affected room, paying particular attention to the areas where you have seen bed bugs

* Gives a knock down and instant kill of bed bugs, it also leaves a residual layer which continues to work to kill, stop and get rid of any insect that may still be alive and crawl over the treated area

* Ideal to take away with you to spray mattresses of beds in B & B's, guest houses and hotels etc., to make sure that you do not suffer from problems with bed bugs and bites from these pests

* 1 Litre of this insecticide will treat 20 square metres or 215 square feet

* Contains 0.04%w/w imiprothrin and 0.06% cypernothrin

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Bed Bugs can be difficult to eradicate. We would always advise the use of a killer powder and some smoke bomb fumigators to make sure you give a professional style bed bugs pest control treatment, please see below for some of our other products: