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Bulk Buy D Insecticide Bed Bug & Flea Killer

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Bulk Buy D Insecticide Bed Bug and Flea Killer is an effective insecticide for killing, stopping and getting rid of bed bugs or fleas. Only D formula is strong enough to get rid of these biting insect pests.

* Easy to use, just decant into one of our sprayers [ please see below ] and fine mist spray onto mattresses, soft furnishings, carpets and furniture joints in the affected rooms, paying particular attention to the areas where you have seen bed bugs or fleas

* Gives a knock down and instant kill of bed bugs and fleas, it also leaves a residual layer which continues to work to kill, stop and get rid of any insect that may still be alive and crawl over the treated area

* 5 Litres of this insecticide will treat 100 square metres or 1076 square feet

* Contains D-Phenothrin 0.04%w/w

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Bed Bugs and Fleas can be difficult to eradicate. It is always best to use a combination of eradicating products such as a killer powder and some smoke bomb fumigators as well as this bed bug and flea killing insecticide.

We would suggest that all bedding is removed and washed prior to commencing the treatment.

We also advise that you vacuum the mattress and vacuum all around and then empty the vacuum prior to starting the process.