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Here's the opinion of our existing customers who have completed our customer satisfaction survey. Please note that a 7 = satisfactory; 10 = far exceeded expectation. We list ALL of our reviews here.
Customer Name Delivery Speed Quality Value Overall Rating Date
Torok, Wembley1010101017 January  2013
lee, luton101010102 February  2013
john, chelmsford1010101026 August  2017
It worked very well. Outstanding product.
Frederick, Gazipasa1099922 October  2012
Sorry as to not having filled out your customer reply before now but life has been busy with new dogs to train as well as moving back into our house. Your company was prompt in addressing the delivery to Turkey as well as updating your web site to make it possible i was more than surprised as some other companies we have tried to get items delivered from have a fixed policy of not delivering to Turkey. One of the traps was purhcased as a gift for a Turkish friend of ours who has a few cats and she was surprised with the trap and how easy it was to assemble and deploy. Many thanks. F M Butler
Eleanor, Wakefield9991018 April  2018
Colin, Tain9109927 August  2018
Sharon, Bromley99997 May  2012
brian, birkenhead999921 January  2013
Beverley, Childswickham999922 February  2015
Anthony, IRVINE71091027 August  2016
Kenneth, Benfleet999919 September  2016
Racheal, London91071031 December  2016
Just used the product waiting to see result will buy again so far good
gerry, BECKINGHAM999914 July  2018
Vytautas, Witney1010789 January  2013
I ordered this spray for my sister. She had a bed bugs in her bedroom. I`ve sprayed all carpets, furniture and bed as instructed with Digrain spray and it looks it has done it`s job. My sister got her quiet and peaceful sleep back.Hope bedbugs won`t come back.
Penny, Helston89897 October  2012
Quick delivery, well packaged. Will use again. Thank you.
Carol, London798103 September  2014
Im very pleased with my purchase
arthur, glasgow996102 December  2015
lisa, brandon89981 August  2017
very good all in all
Annette, Heerhugowaard897920 September  2014
Rima, Croydon101031019 April  2016
keith, Burnley1087831 July  2017
Norman, Poole97794 December  2012
It is still a bit early to comment about the quality of the products but so far it has proved efficient.
Paula, BASINGSTOKE Hants88798 February  2015
timothy, IVYBRIDGE988711 September  2017
Jan, Minehead88786 July  2014
Very happy that you provide an organic alternative to the usual chemical products.
Susan, Weston super Marr4981028 July  2016
Upekha, Letchworth777829 February  2016
Lynda, Royston77778 August  2013
The Midi Fumers smoke generators seemed to have worked, if it ever happens again, I will know what to do.
Shirley, High Wycombe777714 November  2016
Michael, Tadley777726 January  2018
Roberta, Dunedin567428 November  2013
paul, harrow83386 October  2014

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